Dan Ross

A hard-working and dedicated developer with experience in data analytics and Android development

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I create solutions to problems

With my unique experience and knowledge in a wide range of roles, languages and software, I have exceptional problem solving skills and a true passion to apply myself and learn.

My recent projects include designing and writing a proprietory inventory management system and working in Android development.

Proprietory Inventory Management System

Given the problem of large amounts of expensive stock unable to be utilised due to missing components, I created a proprietory system using Python to keep count of spare instrument kits and help consolidate them to get them back in circulation.

Returned Stock Sorting

Due to new processes a large amount of old stock at offsite locations was required to be processed and returned to circulation and supplier. I wrote a series of Excel forms to parse Code128 barcodes while comparing against Global Item Masters, SQL tables and Salesforce entries.

Android Game

As a personal project, I developed a game in Java for Android devices. It involves drawing pictures within a time limit and having friends decypher them. The app works on many different screen sizes and pixel densities and incorporates complex custom views including a view for drawing and a gallery to look at previous drawings.

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